On my way….

Hey guys,
Thanks to everyone who sent me encouraging emails over the last couple of days. I appreciate it!

So I was suppose to leave yesterday (Tuesday) but the kid who was suppose to give me a ride at 830 called at 825 to say he couldn’t make it… Grrr… So I used the day to sleep, finish some last minute packing, and play some disc golf. I missed some perfect walking weather, but it was nice to have an extra day.

So I found another ride on Craig’s List and now I’m in the car with a guy named Jay on the way to Williamstown.

We’re about an hour out, and this is usually the time I suddenly remember all the things I should have packed… :)

We’re driving over the same route I’ll be walking in just a few days and I’m recording the mileage and making a mental note of shoulders of roads.

So I was skimming the Telegram right before I left and the my horoscope read ”Things will be easier once you get the ball rolling.” That’s promising!

Anyways, today should be a good day for walking, too… hopefully I’ll have reception up in the mountains…


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