From UMass Amherst

Hey guys,
Big thanks to Jen and Selena for lending me their futon last night. I got a late start today because I was working on the computer, but still made it through Leeds, Florence, N Hampton, and walked into Amherst Center just as it started getting dark. Unfortunately, I walked the whole distance on the bike path – tree canopied, pretty and scenic, but unchanging and a little boring after the first seven miles. Oh well. Right now I am in Amherst Center, staying at my cousin’s dorm room (yes, dorm room! Haha!) at UMass tonite, then I continue on Rt 9 tomorrow. Hope to cover Belchertown, Ware and West Brookfield by tomorrow night.
Yesterday I met a guy who was from the Webster Square (the far western) side of Worcester, near Friendly’s, like 10 minutes away from my house in Leicester. Small World! Anyways, he said he once walked from Leeds to Breezy Bend in Leicester in one day. Even though he wasn’t walking with a 40 lb. pack, that’s still heartening. I have four days to cover the same distance.
Lost change found since I’ve started walking six days ago: $.01
Nails, glass, and other roadside hazards removed: 19
More tomorrow!


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