From Ware

I’m in Ware!
The town of Ware!
No, Ware!
No, Ware!
How can anyone be nowhere?
I’m in the town of Ware, about 45 minutes east of Worcester.
Oh, WARE! Why didn’t you say so?!
Yup, I’m staying courtesy of a nice couple who is letting me pitch my tent in their backyard. The hills today were killer, and I’m already in my sleeping bag and nodding off at 8 pm. Tomorrow I’m trying to plow through the Brookfields, which leaves Spencer and Leicester for Thursday. Plenty of time for the wedding on Saturday!!
Found some wild grapes growing on the side of the road here. Weird!
Passed by the Quabbin Reservoir today – a sad place. A bunch of little towns were destroyed and flooded over in the 1930s to create this giant body of drinking water for the citizens near Boston. Every building in these towns was either destroyed, bought, or moved – including the heDstones and bodies in the cemetaries. No one believed that the lawmakers in Boston had the power to take over these small but old towns and people’s private property, but it happened. Thousand of people, who probably never had been to Boston, were forced to relocate. Sad chapter in Massachusetts history.
Collected almost 30 messages to the gov, and blog is just about to break 1000 hits. Woohoo! Thanks to everyone whbo takes time to email me. It’s appreciated! More tomorrow!


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