From West Brookfield Center

Hey guys,
Just a quick update for now. Finally broke into the Brookfields. I’m hanging out on a park bench in West Brookfield Center, one of the best downtowns I’ve seen for a small town so far. lots of little shops, bizzes, offices and restaurants, all belnded into homes from the early 1800’s… Cool! Speaking of cool, the weather out here has definitely turned more fall-like. Gray skies and crisp air, though that air is becoming a little less crisp and and a little more like week old lettuce as it threatens rain. Well, gotta push on through a few more Brookfields. By the way, as I was passing through Ware, began to notice more and more Healey/Hillman signs. And remind me to tell you why Ware is the City That Can’t Be Licked! :)


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