From East Brookfield

Hey guys,
I’m writing from the Trolley Stop, a local little diner in East Brookfield. Local and little enough for all heads to turn when I opened the door… They talk about weather, complain about the selectmen, and they don’t do fruit plates for breakfast.
The Telegram and Gazette ran this great article about my walk… Its in the local West section but it might be online as well. I think the website is telegramand . Thanks to Kim Ring and Betty Lilystrom for writing such a nice article, even though they used the worst photo of me – haha!
So, here’s the best news all week… Ms Ring made some phone calls, and gubernatorial candidates Christy Mihos (I) and Reed Hillman (R) are on the bus – if elected, they’ve agreed to give me a few minutes to let me present the messages I’ve collected. Score!
So here’s a Mass geography Quiz: Ware is called the City That Can’t Be Licked because a. It was home to a lollipop factory b. It was home to a famous boxer or c. It survived a devestating natural disaster. The answer in the next update, which should be from downtown Spencer.
Well, 7 am and it’s almost light enough to walk. Have a good day!
PS As soon as I sat down at the counter, one of the regulars walked over and handed me the local news section, with my photo front and center. Then they made a joke that the chef going to have to raise his prices because they had celebrities eattng there. I’m famous in East Brookfield! :)


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