From Strawberry Hill, Leicester

Hey guys,
Ware is known as the City That Can’t Be Licked because it recovered from a devastating hurricane and floods back in 1938. The Muddy Brook took in so much water, it rose 5 feet above the highway. Five feet! That’s Katrina-like proportions. And this was during the Great Depression.
With that much damage, everyone was ready to write Ware off, but it came back. The workers themselves bought one of the mills. The town pulled together and got back on its feet. Sixty eight years later it’s still a vital town, with a population of about 10000.
Hey, I was interviewed by New England Cable New Network today! I should be on at 530 pm tonight, and they will probably air the piece again over the weekend. If they post it on the Internet, I’ll let you know. Thanks to Brianne Mallaghan!
So one more trivia question about Ware, Mass… The name Ware came from a. the baskets the native s used to catch fish, b. Revolutionary War General Jebediah Ware, or C. No one knew could find it on the map, so they just called it, Where?


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