From Bridgewater State College

Wow! Compared to the wet sponge that was yesterday, today was a great day to walk. I Started around 9 am from the Honey dew Donuts on Rt. 106 in Mansfield. Continued on through Easton, where I found the dirtiest, most polluted stretch of road yet. Walked into West Bridgewater and crossed over Rts 138 and 24. On the Route 24 overpass, someone lobbed a bottle of Coke at me from the East bound lane (I was walking facing traffic on the westbound sidewalk). It landed a good deal in front of me, but the car was long gone before I even saw it coming. My first dangerous experience of this whole trip.
Strangely enough, once I crossed that bridge, I saw a TON of WB cruisers driving back and forth.
Stopped into the WB High school to watch the last few minutes of the football game. I forgot who they were playing, I think it was a voke school, and WB trounced them 30-something to 7.
On my way into the field, I was swarmed by a bunch of junior high boys who saw my sign on my backpack and asked me a ton of questions about my trip. On the way out of the field, I was swarmed by a bunch of high school girls whao saw my sign on my backpack and asked me a ton of questions about my trip. So of course, the Why are you walking? Question came up, and I told them I was collecting messages for the next governor. ISuddenly one of the girls says, I want to sign the book! I’m taking CAI! (Community and something something – I guess it’s West Bridgewater’s Civics/Government class). Anyways, I figure these girls are in high school and old enough, so I give her the book. I’m thinking she’s going to write something like “I want my MTV,” (points if you remember that!) but instead she writes, “Dear Governor, I am a hispanic student that wants to go to college here! Please give kids like me the opportunity to fulfill our dreams in this land. In-state tuition for immigrant students please!”
Alright! That made me feel good. Hey Mr. Civics Teacher! Give that girl some extra credit!!
I left the football game and walked on into Bridgewater, where I did exactly what I knew I was going to do and exactly what I didn’t want to happen – I just kept walking and walking, and sure enough I’m standing in the center of town, it’s 6 pm and it’s too dark to walk anymore.
So maybe on the outskirts of town, no prroblems, but no one’s going to let me pitch my tent in their backyard when the houses are crammed so close together like they are here. One guy I meet suggests trying on the south side of town, near the college, where the professors live. So I huff past the school, knock on about ten doors and I get no luck. So I’m writing this while camped out in the woods.
Anyways, gotta go. Battery is about to die. Thanks for reading! More tomorrow!!
Ps Happy Birthday to Jen O and Nicole B!!
PPS Bill, thanks for coming out this afternoon to say Hi… It was a pleasure to meet you!


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