From South Middleboro

OK! Just a short post today because I am TIRED. Camped out last night near Bridgewater State College. Woke this morning to the honks of geese flying south. Started walking around 800, down Summer Street and hooked up with Rt 28. 28 is a no frills no thrills highway, four lanes and wide shoulders no distractions and straight as a steel rod straight into Middleboro. Covered the 6 miles, past the state prison, in really good time. Around the rotary and back on to 28, where it becomes a little more curvy and more developed. I tried to find the Catholic Church, but it was towards the center of town which was 2 miles north of 28. By the time I got there, the 1130 mass would have been but a memory. Ate lunch at Dave’s Diner and recharged my camera and phone.
Anyways, I made it into Middleboro and south Middleborough. I’m falling asleep as I thype this, so more tomw. It’s suppose to rain tonite and tomw, so it’s going to get pretty sloppy out there. The good thing is if I can trudge over the bridge into Bourne (about 16 miles away) I can spend the night at my friend Rosa’s, who I haven’t seen since we did a semester abroad way back in 1998. I hope she has a shower in her house hahaha…
Well, sorry this is so short…. more tomorrow. Stay dry!!
Entry of the Day, from a young woman at a restaurant near Middleborough: ”English should be our #1 language!! People come to our country for a new life but refuse to except our culture. They leave their country to come here and fight to stay by flying their country flags?? They should be showing their appreciation by flying the American flag.”


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