From Wareham

Alright! I can almost smell that salt air!!
First, big thanks to Wayne and his “son-of-a-bitch”-in-law Duane in Middleboro for putting me up last night. It rained in the wee hours, and everyone knows trying to pack up a wet tent is no fun.
By the way, Duane is in a garage band (literally – they practice in the garage) called Right Turn Clyde; they play out every once in a while on the South Shore. I can’t wait to come back and see a show – I watched them rehearse (in the garage), and every cover they played was one of my favorite songs.
By the way, thanks to Rick who gave me the Gatorade, and to Lori and her family for the banana. It didn’t squish in my backpack!!
So this is my second day on Rt 28 (aka the Cranberry Highway), and I should be crossing the Bourne Bridge in about 6 or 7 miles. I can’t believe I’ll be ion the Cape in a few hours!! Then about 15 miles a day straight to PTown on Friday, and out to the tip on Saturday. The end is in sight!!
In other news, I’ve had a couple of technical setbacks. Friday, the day it rained like crazy in Wrentham, my map slipped out of my pack. It was a nice Mass atlas, with topographic lines and details down to the streets. Grrr…. That’s $20 dropped on Rt 140. Then this morning, I found the lens cover on my digital camera won’t shut – it’s locked open, which means the lens won’t focus and the shutter won’t close. That kills me, since I just had that same problem fixed last year. Grrr. I can still take pictures with my cell phone. They’re passable, just don’t expect any miracles.
But…. At least it’s not raining! predicted rain all morning, but now it’s clear skies and perfect walking weather.
Well, gotta keep cruising on the Cranberry Highway.


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