From Sagamore

Hello from the shadow of the Sagamore Bridge!
I got a late start from Bourne this morning and was dropped off at the IHOP at the Bourne Bridge rotary. HOOK3D uP WITH the Cape Cod Canal walking trail, and followed it north to Sagamore. The trail is pretty, with the water on one side and the trees on the other, but like the North Hampton rail trail, it gets a little flat (literally) and boring after a few miles. Plus it’s deserted on an Tuesday morning in the off season. Give me some traffic to dodge!
Now I’m under the bridge and trying to figure out how to connect with Rt 6A which will bring me towards Barnestable.
Back on the campaign trail, a columnist in the Globe called this election “the dirtiest in Massachusetts’ history.” And since I forgot yesterday’s message, this seems apropos. It’s from S.M….
“Candidates should be elected on their ideas/merits/platforms, not because they are better at scaring voters out of voting for their opponents.”
Well, gotta go. It’s definitely Fall near the water this time of year, and my fingers are starting to chill upas I type this.
But… Big thanks to Russell of 5 Star Maid Service in Wareham for the Tshirt. Now I have something clean to wear out in Provincetown!
Big thanks to Rosa and Kevin for putting me up and the last minute trip to Wal Mart.
Big thanks to Erica and her son for the candy bars. Yumm!
And of course, thanks to Lori of Courtyard Restaurant on Rt 28 in Middleboro. I’ll definitely come back and take you up on that offer for a free dinner. Oh, and thanks to that biker guy who ran out of the restaurant and chased me down the road to get me to come back! :)
Ok, onwards and eastwards!


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