From East Dennis

4:20 am Thursday morning. This is my last full day of walking, and I have some miles to cover. I am in East Dennis, a little right of the middle of the arm of the Cape. I need to huff through Brewster, Orleans, out to the elbow at Wellfleet, and then north towards Truro. The goal is to get within 15 miles of PTown so I can stroll in early tomorrow (Friday) afgernoon. I’m about 40 miles away now, so that means a 25 mile day today. Yeeeeagh!
Thanks to Dan for the great chat last night on WMFO Tufts University Radio. If you missed it, you can download the archives (Wed October 25) at
So I’m on the Cape! It’s beautiful down here. There is a ton of history, I’m passing some great houses and little villages, the folks are really friendly, this is the Cape you don’t see when you drive on Highway 6. The only complaint is I wish 6A was a little more walker-friendly. Narrow shoulders, disappearing sidewalks, shrubbery growing over the walkways… It’s rough going sometimes.
So I’ve been on the Cape for just two full days, and I’ve already learned some of the lingo. LoweR Cape is the northern arm, near PTown. Upper Cape is the area right east of the canal. Mid Cape is everywhere in between. A native is obviously someone who was born and brought up here, and a wash ashore is someone who moved here. The spiral is the tip of the Cape, west and south of PTown. And Off Cape is anywhere that’s not the Cape (ie., I have a doctor’s appointment at 10 off Cape). It’s like a whole different culture down here!
Anyways, it’s almost 5am and I should try to get a little more sleep before packing up the tent. I’ll leave you with a message from Tuesday:
“As a small business owner, it is critical to address the expense of healthcare to everyone! We are owner operated 7 days/week, no vacation for the 14 years we’ve been in business due in part because we find it too difficult + expensive to hire help & offer benefits. We must compete and work hard EVERay day to earn a modest living. We hope + look forward to hearing that our representative doesn’t forget to do the same!
Politics are one thing
Reality of the people is another.
Congratulations- don’t forget about EACH and EVERYONE who lives + works in Mass!!”


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