From the Cape Cod Rail Trail in Wellfleet

23:30 Didn’t make it to the end of the Cape Cod Rail Trail, but I am pretty close. Tomorrow I have about 18-20 miles to cover before Provincetown. Planning on walking down Commercial St sometime between 4-6 pm.
Thanks so much to Dave and Julia for the snacks, Todd for the Gatorade, and to Candace for the breakfast (those were good eggs!) and to Barrett’s Spirit Shoppe in Sandwich for the trail mix.
Today’s quote… “Please educate our children instead of testing them.” – W.N. Ok, that was a short one. Here’s another: “Be proud of the fact that Massachusetts is the first state that allows gay marriages and help maintain that right.” -J.C., Brewster.
I met with John Herman today, budding videoblogger from NH, and he let me borrow a video recorder. My mission is to record the final 20 hours of the walk. He’ll edit and in a week or to make it blog worthy. I’m lookingforward to this, because I just watched that show Survivorman, in which one dude stars, films, JESUS A PACK OF COYOTES IS GOING CRAZY OUTSIDE MY TENT …


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