In the Blogosphere

Thanks to all these writers who have mentioned my walk in their fine blogs. You may have to dig around their archives to find me, but enjoy your stay while you’re there.

Dave Makar at, blogging all things Dryden and Ithica (New York). His post is here.

Greg Lewis at, blogging all things political in Western Mass. No link, but check out Friday October 6, 2006.

John Herman at, vlogging “all things that make life interesting.” No direct link to the Walk episode, but go to the archives here and look for October 30 2006.

Derek Lumpkins at, blogging on all things Roxbury/JP. His post can be found here.

Nan Barber at, blogging on all sorts of things. Her post can be found here.

Steve Garfield at His post is here and here (under Nov 07 2006). We serendipitiously met just a week after he first saw me on John Herman’s The Eye!  

Michelle Weagle at, blogging all things cat-like and second grad-y. Her post can be found here.