In the Press

Since I have begun this walk, I’ve been really lucky to have spoken with some good, dedicated reporters. Their dedication includes multiple days of phone tag, bad cell reception, quick U-eys on busy streets, and waiting on the side of the road for me to walk by. Their stories can be found here:

In Video:

Man walks across state to educate next governor

by Brianne Mallaghan of Worcester News Tonight

In Print:

Memos to the governor: Leicester man crossing state, taking letters

by Kim Ring of the Worcester Telegram and Gazette

A Forrest Gump Walking for the Governors’ Race?

by Andrew Ryan of the Boston Globe

Hill to Hill: Area teacher takes messages to the next Gov.

by D.O. of the Worcester Independent Media Center

POST-WALK: BJ Hill’s Excellent Adventure

by Jess Scola of the Cambridge Chronicle, 2007-01-30

POST-WALK: WHS teacher gives voice to Massachusetts’ residents

by Lydia Crafts of the Winchester Star, 2007-01-31



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