The Messages from 2006


Here are photos of the notebook and the messages for the governor that I collected on my walk across Massachusetts.

When I asked people to write their message in the notebook, I implied that the messages were solely for the governor. Therefore, before I posted these messages for the public, I attempted to scrub out all names and potentially identifying lines. Note also, that the town names which follow the page numbers where below are only approximations of where I was when I collected the messages.

Also note that the notebook sustained some water damage during a harsh storm on the very last day of the walk, on my way out to Long Point off the coast of Provincetown. On some pages the ink bled through the paper or faded completely. In those cases, I redrew the lettering with my own marker, but of course preserved the original meaning (see page 36).

Finally, some folks I spoke with were so hopeful that Deval Patrick was going to win the election that they addressed their messages to him – even though the election was still weeks away.

Front Cover

Mead, Black, Grad Series Three Subject Notebook. Measures about 6.5″ x 9″. The glossy surface is from packing tape I added to protect the surface- since the notebook was usually tucked in the space between my lower back and my pack while I walked, I literally perspired right through the cover (I told you I put a lot of sweat into that book!)

Front Cover

The stickers were free promo decals I found or was given along the walk. The upper left sticker is from the American Hiking Society (quite appropriate!); the lower right sticker is from Amnesty International. I scribbled down my cousin Tony’s phone number on the left.

Inside Shot #2

Inside shot #1

Inside Shot #1

Inside shot #2

Inside front cover

Inside front cover

Page 01

Page 1. Pages two to six were a message I had written for the governor the night before our meeting, describing my project, the route I had taken, how long it took, the towns I visited, etc., as well as a personal congratulations.

Page 07

Page 7, from Heath. Wen i first began walking from Williamstown, I wasn’t collecting messages; in fact, I didn’t come up with the idea until a few days alter while I was in Buckland. just to be fair, and hopoing that I would come back and talk to people in the towns I had missed, I had left the first few pages blank in my notebook. In the days between the time that I finished on Provincetown and the actual election, I drove up to the northwest corner of the state and asked folks from that area for their comments. Pages seven to 24 are from that “bonus” expedition.

Page 08

Page 8, from North Adams

Page 09

Page 9, from North Adams

Page 10


Page 10, from Sheffield

Page 11

Page 11, from Williamstown

Page 12

Page 12, from North Adams

Page 13

Page 13, from Florida

Page 14

Page 14, from Florida

page 15

Page 15, from Heath

Page 16

Page 16, from Florida

Page 17

Page 17, from Heath

Page 18

Page 18, from Heath

Page 19

Page 19, from Heath

Page 20

Page 20, from Heath

Page 21

Page 21, from Rowe

Page 22

Page 22, from Rowe

Page 23

Page 23, from Rowe

Page 24

Page 24, from Shelburne Falls

Page 25

Page 25, from Buckland. This is the first message I collected on my walk.

Page 26

Page 26, from Buckland

Page 27

Page 27, from Ashfield

Page 28

Page 28, from Goshen

Page 29

Page 29, from Goshen

Page 30

Page 30, from Williamsburg

Page 31

Page 31, from Northampton

Page 32

Page 32, from Ware

Page 33

Page 33, from Spencer

Page 34

Page 34, from Spencer

Page 35

Page 35, from Spencer

page 36

Page 36, from Leicester

Page 37

Page 37, from Leicester

Page 38

Page 38, from Leicester

Page 39

Page 39, from Worcester

Page 40

Page 40, from Worcester

Page 41

Page 41, from Grafton

Page 42

Page 42. This page was left blank but shows the amount of water damage the book sustained while walking to Long Point on the last day. :(

Page 43

Page 43, from Grafton

Page 44

Page 44, from Grafton

Page 45

Page 45, from Upton

Page 46

Page 46, from Upton

Page 47

Page 47, from Upton

Page 48

Page 48, from Upton

Page 49

Page 49, from Hopedale

Page 50

Page 50, from Wrentham.

Page 51

Page 51, from Wrentham

Page 52

Page 52, from Wrentham

Page 53


Page 53, from Wrentham

Page 54

Page 54, from Mansfield

Page 55

Page 55, from West Bridgewater

Page 56

Page 56, from Bridgewater

Page 57

Page 57, from Bridgewater

Page 58

Page 58, from Middleboro

Page 59

Page 59, from Middleboro

Page 60

Page 60, from Middleboro

Page 61

Page 61, from Middleboro

Page 62

Page 62, from Wareham

Page 63

Page 63, from Wareham

Page 64

Page 64, from Wareham

Page 65

Page 65, from Wareham

Page 66

Page 66, from West Bridgewater

Page 67

Page 67, from West Bridgewater

Page 68

Page 68, East Sandwich

Page 69

Page 69, Barnestable

Page 70

Page 70, from Barnestable

Page 71

Page 71, from Cummaquid

page 72

Page 72, from Brewster

Page 73

Page 73, from Brewster

Page 74

Page 74, from Wellfleet

Page 75

Page 75, from Wellfleet

Page 76

Page 76, from Wellfleet

Page 77

Page 77, from Wellfleet

Page 78

Page 78, from Truro

Page 79

Page 79, from Provincetown

Page 80

Page 80, from Leicester (added post-walk)

Back Cover

Inside back cover


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