Why Walk?

When I first began this project, I had no better reason than I wanted to see the parts of Massachusetts I had never seen before. I believe that walking is the best way to see and get to know a place – you can stop and talk to people, take photos, and not worry about finding a place to park the car.

That reason still stands, but after being invited to a town meeting in Charlemont, I found a mission. The selectmen were complaining to their state representative that the governor doesn’t seem to understand life out in rural Massachusetts. It felt like they were a million miles away from Beacon Hill. I began thinking there had to be some way to tie what I was doing with what needed to be done. What if I talked to people and then I wrote a book of messages to the next governor, to be elected next month? Then I thought, what if I let the people write their own messages to the next governor?

I found an empty notebook and I am giving it to people I meet. The messages you write can be anything – Congratulations on being elected, Less taxes, More money for schools, Come visit our town, Fix our roads, Support stem cell research, Don’t support stem cell research….  etc. This is your chance to write anything you like.

After the inauguration, I will request 15 minutes to hand over the messages from the people of Massachusetts to the new Governor of Massachusetts. Hopefully this will be a great democratic start to the next four years.


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